Nyght & Daie

Part 1: The Girl and Hanna

by Paul W. Gibbs


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Which do you prefer, the Nyght or the Daie?

Ever since their creation, Sun and Moon have been battling, with neither of them able to claim victory over the other. Now, each has chosen a human to fight for them; a mortal warrior who can die. They will battle one another and the one to survive will claim victory for Sun or Moon. Unfortunately, being warriors for the two guardians may cost the humans all they have, and all they will ever be. Hanna: chosen to be the warrior for Sun. A girl: who does not have a name yet chosen to be the warrior for Moon. They live on opposite sides of the world and live completely different lives. No matter what they go through, their destinies are to meet. Nyght & Daie: The Girl and Hanna is the beginning of their story—Only the beginning.


About the Author

Paul W. Gibbs

Nyght & Daie: The Girl and Hanna is Paul’s debut book; but not his first. He resides in the small state of Delaware. After high school, he joined the United States Army and served in the Gulf War.

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Nyght and Daie
Nyght and Daie_eBook