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Meet Casey, a cat who reads minds and solves crimes.

Casey the cat is named after a famous baseball player, as his owner, John, loves sports. He is a beautiful Siamese, with sea-blue eyes and a sparkling gray coat, and he knows it. Casey is not lacking in confidence and has zero modesty—not only because he is beautiful and coordinated and excellently proportioned, but because he has a great gift. He can read minds and influence people’s thoughts. This delightful book is a collection of witty stories featuring the sarcastic Casey and the man who rescued him as a kitten—a man who Casey finds interesting, funny, and (most importantly) malleable. Together Casey and John listen to the radio, watch football, travel the world and solve crimes, and their antics are surely ’Nuff to Make a Cat Laugh!


About the Author

John A. Meyer

Bio: John A. Meyer is a retired secondary and college teacher, a former Los Angeles Rams football player, Nebraska college coach, and a football, baseball, basketball, and track athlete and enthusiast from Nebraska and Chicago, Illinois. John’s writing is influenced by his knowledge in those fields as well as from his travels to Europe, Mexico, and Asia. He has enjoyed doing theater and standup comic work in San Francisco and now lives in the Palm Springs area of California.

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