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Dragons. Wizards, Witches, Kings, Queens, Princes’, Princesses. Sound familiar?’s usually the same story. The perfect guy falls for the imperfect girl, as he sweeps her off her feet and live happy ever after in a big castle with a grand wedding. But not me. I don’t want a Prince in shiny armor on a white horse to come save me from something. I want to be able to save myself. But this is just me ranting therefore you don’t have to read about my problems... except you really don’t have a choice seeing as this is my diary and I can rant as much as I want. You picked me up; just remember that while you are reading. So this is my story, and my name is Princess Alyssa Elizabeth Francine, from the Northern Kingdom. And everyone wants to be a princess...except for the princess.


About the Author

Samantha Baker

Samantha Baker, born in a small town in Michigan. Wrote this novel, Not a Love Story, at the age of 16 and officially self published at the age of 18 through Outskirts Press.