No More Tears

by Rotem Bar-Lev


Book Details

Tears Can Be Turned into Hugs and Smiles

What happens when little Suzie cries and cries all night? Why, the house turns into an ocean of her tears. Obviously, something has to be done, and quick. Her parents try everything to please her, but nothing helps. Then something strange happens, which not only helps Suzie overcome her sadness, but also teaches her a very important lesson in life and happiness.


About the Author

Rotem Bar-Lev

Rotem Bar Lev was ten years old when the idea for this book was originally created. She has an older brother and a younger sister. In fact, this delightful short story was inspired by her younger sister. Rotem likes dancing, reading, and having fun with her friends. She continues to enjoy writing and is working on her next project.

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