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Writing and Publishing Tips in Celebration of National Poetry Month

Did you know that the month of April is, among other things, National Poetry Month? This makes April the perfect month to publish that book of poems you’ve been thinking about for a while, and not just because this month provides some great marketing opportunities; it’s also the perfect month to think about the reasons why we write, and the ways in which we put words together on the page. It’s a month to re-envision our craft as wordsmiths!

Poetry is, of course, difficult to write. Which is why we’ve dedicated this month’s article to some key, simple recommendations for enriching your craft and refining your process to produce the best possible poetry to reflect the best possible authorship. The road to self-publishing may not always run smooth, but there are companies like Outskirts Press on hand to make sure it is well-lit and easy to navigate.

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Craft A Compelling Presence on Amazon!

Have you ever looked at a book description on Amazon and wondered who, exactly, the author is? Not just the name, but who that author is as a person and what else they might have written? A well-written and complete Amazon Author Page is a powerful tool in the kit of any author, but many allow this vital section to remain incomplete or perhaps even empty, despite the mounting evidence that it serves as an important discovery option for potential readers as well as a source of affirmation and authority.

Readers like to know not just what kind of book they’re about to get into, but what kind of person will be guiding them into and through the world of that book. Whether your book is fiction, non-fiction, poetry, a picture book, or some other form of literature, a well-executed Amazon Author Page provides valuable context for your readers. It also renders your other books, promotional materials, and digital presence at large more accessible. Want to know how else it can benefit you, and how to go about completing your own Amazon Author Page? Read the full article by clicking the link below:


In Authors' Words: Fred and Cheryl Lowman

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