Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding:

A Science Curriculum for K-2

by Bernard J. Nebel, Ph.D.


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This is The most comprehensive science curriculum for beginning learners that you will find anywhere

* Here are 41 lesson plans that cover all major areas of science.

* Lessons are laid out as stepping stones that build knowledge and understanding logically and systematically.

* Child-centered, hands-on activities at the core of all lessons bring children to observe, think, and reason.

* Interest is maintained and learning is solidified by constantly connecting lessons with children's real-world experience

* Skills of inquiry become habits of mind as they are used throughout.

* Lessons integrate reading, writing, geography, and other subjects.

* Standards, including developing a broader, supportive community of science learners come about as natural by-products of learning science in an organized way.

Particular background or experience is not required. Instructions include guiding students to question, observe, think, interpret, and draw rational conclusions in addition to performing the activity. Teachers can learn along with their students and be exceptional role models in doing so. Need for special materials is minimized. Personal, on line, support is available free of charge (see front matter).


About the Author

Bernard J. Nebel, Ph.D.

Bernard J. Nebel, is a scientist (Ph.D. Duke Univ.), one of the early pioneers of environmental science education and author of a widely used environmental science text, Environmental Science,Prentice Hall, 1981, 1987, 1990; Nebel and Wright, 1993, 1996, 1998, 2000), career teacher, and student of learning. In recent years, Dr. Nebel has turned his attention to the looming problem of science education, the fact that lack of scientific understanding is so widely displayed, yet recognized to be so vital in today's world. Dr. Nebel has created a system where lessons build in a logical, systematic, steppingstone fashion to give children a broad, integrated foundation including factual knowledge, performance skills, and logical thinking.

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