by John Daly


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Private investigator, Mason, and his intimidating sidekick, Striker, are hired by Sun Life Insurance Co. to investigate the murder of one of their most powerful insureds, Nate Salem. In the event of accidental death, their policy pays double. The murder trail of suspects leads directly to Nancy Salem, his gorgeous trophy wife. As Mason soon discovers the trail does not end there. This harrowing mystery will test all of Mason's skill and courage before it is ended.


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Police Lieutenant Mike Sheridan walked over to the victim lying in the running path. He looked down and saw that the head was completely blown away as if a bomb had been detonated in the victim's mouth. Sticking out of the chest was a long handled axe completely covered with blood. "Holy Mother of God ,"he muttered softly, as he threw up all over his own shoes.


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John Daly

John Daly had been a trial attorney for many years before beginning his writing career. His last book, THE FICTION WRITER, is a collection of delightful short stories. He currently lives in Potomac Falls, Virginia. For more information visit John Daly at

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