Multiple Sclerosis

The Many Faces of the Disease

by Kathy Reed

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis

The Many Faces of the Disease

by Kathy Reed

Published Jul 19, 2009
64 Pages
Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Diseases / Nervous System (incl. Brain)


Book Details

Battling Multiple Sclerosis:

Information & One Woman's Battle

Multiple Sclerosis: The Many Faces of the Disease, is a non-fiction autoimmune disease story revolving around Suzanne McCuiston Bradley, a woman plagued with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for most of her life.

In the beginning, the focus is on symptoms and early indicators of the disease. Although the National MS Society estimates that about 400,000 people have the disease, no one knows for certain. This alarming number can have serious impacts on people with MS, as well as loved ones and caregivers.

A case study of Suzanne reveals her life and how she suffered from this debilitating disease. It shows how she was able to overcome in certain circumstances and how she was merely able to survive in other situations. Her life is discussed before and during MS. This story was originally about helping her find a cure, or at least relief. Later, it became about helping other people deal with the emotional and physical symptoms of MS. While one chapter is specifically about Suzanne, her battle is tied into the other chapters as well. She is used as an example whenever possible.

Writing this book helped gain insight into the true life of Suzanne. The goal was to learn primarily what science could not yet answer: why this disease occurs and how to cure it. Despite the fact that these answers do not really exist, hopefully one day they will exist, this story examines these questions and other areas relative to Multiple Sclerosis.


Book Excerpt

During summer vacations, Suzanne worked as a nurse’s aide at T.J. Samson Community Hospital until she went to college at Western Kentucky University (WKU). While in college, her symptoms of MS began to surface. “I noticed that she walked a bit slope-shouldered, and I’d say, ‘Suzanne, stand up straight,’ and she’d reply, ‘I am, Mother,’ but she wasn’t,” Rosalie said.


About the Author

Kathy Reed

Kathy began this book as a paper for a health class in college as an attempt to help her aunt, Suzanne, who was suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. It later became a story about Suzanne and ways to help others suffering from the disease. Kathy is the mother of two children. She works at the University of Kentucky and lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

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