Welcome to Outskirts Press, the only online publisher that publishes your high-quality manuscripts and helps you market your work by creating & hosting a unique web page for your new book. It's all included! "Our fas and affordable process expedites the publication of your book while our marketing tools help generate success. I invite you to investigate our advantages, like our live help, our dynamic Author's Center, and of course, our unique website offer." - Brent Sampson, President

y combining the technical advancements of digital printing with the services of a marketing company, Outskirts Press is able to publisgh and market your new book at half the cost of some other online publishers.

We produce high-quality trade paperbacks, hardbacks, and electronic books via a cutting-edge digital process which allows us to publish a great number of titles each year. This high rate of production increases your chances of getting accepted and published by a royalty-paying publisher. Your book is electronically stored and printed when an order is made, be it one copy or 100,000.

The many advantages of publishing with us become apparent immediately. We offer the greatest amount of choices about the appearance of your book and back it up with quality craftsmanship and high-quality paper. Secondly, we immediately begin marketing your book by creating a free webpage specifically geared toward promoting and selling your work.

It helps to be in partnership with a full-fledged marketing company.

The founding partners of Outskirts Press have been electrifying the Internet since 1993. In 2000, On the Outskirts, Inc. was incorporated and became a leading e-marketing consulting company. Outskirts Press draws upon that wealth of experience and information.

"In the near future, all book publication will be digital. As recent films like Star Wars: Attack of the Clones demonstrate, digital is affecting all forms of media. The quality is higher, the storage capacity is greater, not to mention less combustible, and the turnaround is quicker." - Brent Sampson, Outskirts Press President

In staying with our mandate to employ only educated English professionals, even our president holds a degree in English with a minor in creative writing, along with certifications in composition, business writing, technical Frequently Asked Questions

does Outskirts Press do?

We publish and market books by authors like you. Simply submit a manuscript for consideration and if it is accepted, we will publish it and make it available to 25,000 retailers, Amazon.com, BN.com, Borders.com, and from your very own webpage.do I submit a manuscript?Read about the process and submit your deposit and manuscript here.maintains the copyright of my book?You doare the contractual processes? A bilateral nondisclosure statement is agreed upon by both parties at the time of initial submission. If the manuscript is accepted, the legal contract requires your signature and submission from within the Author's Center prior to production. submitting a manuscript the same as getting published?Not exactly. We only publish books that demonstrate a certain level of quality (in terms of language, punctuation, character, and plot, etc.), so while we welcome you to submit your manuscript for consideration, that does not guarantee publication with us. However, we publish a high number of books each year, so your chances are better than with typical publishers, but not as good as with many print-on-demand outfits, who will publish just about anything. soon will I know if my manuscript has been acceptedAfter you electronically submit your manuscript along with your deposit, we typically notify you via email within 5 business days.Unlike traditional print-on-demand companies, we do not publish everything that is submitted to us. We make money from the sale of books, not from authors, so we require a certain level of quality. If your manuscript is pornographic in nature or demonstrates an incompetence with punctuation or the English language, it will be rejected. If so, your deposit will be refunded to you along with suggestions for improving your manuscript and an invitation to submit it to us again once those modifications have been made.The $99 deposit serves two functions. It demonstrates your level of commitment to publishing your book and makes the overall cost more manageable by splitting it into two payments. The deposit is refunded in full if your manuscript is rejected. If it is accepted, it is automatically applied to the total cost.We require a refundable $99 deposit at the time of your submission. If your manuscript is accepted, we provide you with a Username and Password to access our Author's Center, where you will provide us with the details of your book (size, number of pages, paperback or hardback, etc.). Based on these specifications, your total cost will be calculated and applied to the $99 deposit. The standard, total new author price is very competitively priced at less than $500 and includes all the marketing tools and services of our competitors plus our unique advantages, like press release distribution and personal marketing web pages specifically created for your new book. An industry exclusive!Why do I need a Username and Password?Your Username and Password provides you access to the secure Author's Center, where you specify the details of your book, submit full payment for publication, read and receive a copy of the non-exclusive contract, track the progress of publication, and receive author resources and marketing tools for furthering your success.have forgotten my Username and/or Password.Contact us from the email address we have on file and we will help you.Whatkind of control do I have over the final version of my book?In a word, unprecedented. We provide the most options in the industry, with seven different book sizes, hard cover and paperback options, multiple formats of e-books, and more. A full run-down is available during the submission process.What format of e-books do you support?With established alliances with major technology partners such as Adobe Systems Inc., Microsoft and others, we provide delivery of e-books in Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Reader formats.How long does it take to get a book published?This length of time depends upon various factors including the length of your book and the specifications you requested, but it typically takes less than 60 days.Howlong does it take for my website to be created?our website is created within 10 business days following your approval of the manuscript proofs.Will I get a chance to review my book during the production phase?Yes. Prior to final setting, we provide you author's proofs which you must examine and return to us with any corrections. After you have returned your proofs to us, the book is considered final and no more changes can be made.How will people buy my book?Your book will be available to order from literally everywhere. We submit your unique ISBN number to the Ingram database and "Books in Print," both of which provide instant availability to over 25,000 book retailers in addition to on-line sites such as Borders.com, Barnes & Nobel, and Amazon.com. Additionally, your book will be available for immediate purchase from your very own webpage as well as from the Outskirts Press bookstore.What marketing materials and services do you provide?Unparalleled. Your success breeds our success so we go to great lengths to promote you and your book. You've probably already read about our exclusive webpages for each published book, but we also submit press releases to our international syndicate of publishers, reviewers, editors, and newspapers. These services we provide at no additional cost. A full run-down of our inclusive and additional marketing services is available on the marketing page.How much will one copy of my book cost?Unlike traditional online publishers, who often price their trade paperbacks at outlandish prices that guarantee almost zero sales, we are in the business to sell books. Our trade paperbacks are usually priced under $10, depending upon the page count and size specs.What royalties do I receive for the sale of my book?We offer a higher-than-industry standard royalty rate of 22% for trade paperbacks and hardcover books, and an industry-standard 50% royalty rate for e-books.How and when do I get paid?For your convenience, your royalties are electronically transferred to you every month.You will receive submission instructions along with a bilateral nondisclosure and copyright verification notice that
a) tells you where and how to send your manuscript and
b) states that we cannot and will not do anything with your manuscript other than reject/deny it, and
c) states that you confirm you are the sole copyright owner of the submitted material.
Within 5 business days of your submission you will receive an email stating whether your manuscript was accepted or rejected. If rejected, your deposit is refunded in full and you receive free advice on how to approve your work. If accepted, you receive a Username and Password to enter the Author's Center.Inside the secure Author's Center, you submit your author's bio, author's picture, website address preference, and other information. You also choose the specs for your book from the following choices:

Upon submitting your specifications, you will receive an invoice that you can pay online immediately. Your initial $99 deposit is applied to the cost and the cost depends upon the choices you select but starts at just $400. For example, a hardback adds an additional $99 but you save $100 by submitting your own complete cover. A dust jacket for a hardback book is an additional $25 and if your manuscript is over 500 words, that adds an additional $25. So, the least expensive option is an amazing $399 total while the most expensive option is currently well below the industry-standard at just $648.We begin working on your website and author proofs immediately upon receiving payment and all the required material from you. Your personal Author Center keeps you apprised on the status and you can login and check it at any time.You receive the author's proofs electronically and have 10 days to make typographical and minor corrections.Once you submit the approved proofs to us, the manuscript is considered final and no further modifications can be made.Your book receives a unique ISBN number and barcode. It is priced and submitted to the Ingram Database and listed in the "Books in Print" catalogue, used by over 25,000 retailers. Online stores such as Amazon.com, BN.com, Borders.com, your own webpage and the Outskirs Press Bookstore now list your book for immediate purchase.We write and submit a press release to our international syndicate announcing the publication of your book.We submit your webpage to over 50 search engines and announce your webpage to our syndicate.We provide other marketing tools like sell sheet and press release templates, business cards, glossies, mailers, HTML templates, and more in our Author's Center.Our marketing efforts are just the beginning. All successful authors market their books extensively. This is the same with traditional publishers. We provide the first steps and tools, but your ultimate success depends heavily upon you. Don't allow any other publisher to convince you otherwise. However, you are one step ahead with your own webpage which you can provide to reviewers, editors, and buyers alike.When your book hits the online retailers like Amazon.com, BN.com, and Borders.com, we send out an email announcement to our distribution list and mention it in our Writer's Newsletter.Every month we transfer 22% of the royalties to you electronically.As always, if you have any questions, our live help is available to help as well as your personally-assigned Author Advocate, who you will meet in the Author's Center.

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