Metaphysics: Living Beyond the Physical Realm

by Gary M. Levin


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Is it sheer coincidence you are reading these words?

Consider this: Things happen for a reason. This is the Universe at work. This is living beyond the physical realm. This is metaphysics. Metaphysics: Living Beyond the Physical Realm is an introductory guide to the fascinating world of metaphysics and New Age thinking. This movement melds elements of older spiritual and religious traditions with modern thought and encompasses a wide range of ideas—including personal, spiritual growth (as opposed to religious growth), self-realization, crystals, chakras, affirmations, manifestations, and other metaphysical tools in the Universe. A better understanding of the metaphysical sciences can help you open up to a larger dimension of reality. Learn about metaphysical and New Age Thinking and how to better deal with the challenges that life throws at you. Develop and strengthen your intuition. Incorporate elements like mediation, spirit guides, guardian angels, shamanic journeying, and more. Above all, enjoy this incredible journey!


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About the Author

Gary M. Levin

About the Author: Dr. Gary M. Levin has followed the metaphysical path for most of his life. In addition to academic degrees, he holds bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in metaphysical sciences through the University of Metaphysical Sciences. He is an ordained reverend through the Wisdom of the Heart Church, which is partnered with the University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata, California. Dr. Levin is also the chairperson of the Cuddlers’ Program in the NICU at the local hospital. His career as a special education teacher and administrator spanned over 35 years, and he now lives in Palm Springs, California.