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What Is Man's Ultimate Goal on Earth?

At some point, every person has the same questions about life on Earth. Why are we here? What can give more meaning to our lives? What happens after death? Message of the Prophets is an exploration of these questions from a spiritual perspective. Beautifully written in language both poetic and focused, this book presents conclusions drawn from science, philosophy, literature, and many different faiths and disciplines—but the reader will see that despite their diversity, the great thinkers agree. Concise, compassionate, and inspiring, Message of the Prophets is the perfect guide for your spiritual journey.


About the Author

Fredrick Reider

Fredrick Reider spent five years traveling and studying in Europe, meeting and living with people of various cultures. He has also taught and lectured on astrology in the US and Europe. Married for forty years, he has lived mostly in his native Wisconsin and is retired.