Memoirs of a Gentleman

The Unspoken Truth

by Martez Burks


Book Details

From beginning to the end,

the scenarios are

intriguing and surreal.

Men and women are completely misunderstood by one another, especially when it involves relationships and dating. The scenarios that compile the Memoirs of a Gentleman, conveys the unrefined essence of such differences.

The Memoirs of a Gentleman are a compilation of scenarios which include various personalities, centered around the male perceptive. Every experience presented in the MOAG involves critical thinking in relation to maintaining a healthy relationship.

The Memoirs demonstrate the psychological structure of males, and allow the readers to receive a simple grasp on the cognitive thinking and perspective of men.


About the Author

Martez Burks

Martez Burks is a graduate of Tennessee State University. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in clinical psychology, while living in Nashville Tennessee.