Memoirs of a Runaway:

A Story of Hope

by Michael Kennon


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There is hope...

Not too long ago I heard her say, "I never met a drug I didn't like." That scared me so badly that I had to share some things that I went through in the hope that it will prevent someone from going down the same road that she is. How can I watch someone drown and not jump in after them? Even if she lives through everything that she's doing to herself and her loved ones, what will her consequences be in the end? This young lady has been running away from home, having sex with multiple partners, and has been into very heavy drugs along with other criminal activities. Since her parents, the police and the court systems have done the best they could to intervene, they will now have to sit idly by and just hope for the best. She was so sweet, so young, so innocent. How did this happen? She's only thirteen. I wish I couldn't relate... but I can.

"I loved it...It HELD my interest! The ending and nearing the end of the book was especially great. I think your book will inspire many kids/adults that are runaways or having rough times in their own lives."

--Janice Lansel

"I'm almost done with the book. I've gotten to the last chapter now and i don't want it to end ! I just really like this book and the character so much. And I read a lot of books !"

-Sandra Ruemker

"Wow! You certainly have quite a story to share. You have been through so much. Where some people might have given up you persevered and have done so much. Your work demonstrates strong writing with a nice flow; your narrative voice is fantastic. You really have done a nice job discussing this subject. Your book is nicely put together; books like yours provide insight for many. I liked the way you chose to set up your text. It hooked me right from the start…the baseball story is truly amazing."

-Jennifer Rush

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Book Excerpt

Arizona did not give me the same warm feeling I had remembered, and so I decided to hitchhike out to California. Again, I had to rely on churches and missionaries to keep warm, get some sleep and find food to eat. At one point, my mother wired me some money, but it did not last long.
When I reached San Diego, a bunch of bikers pulled up in front of me. I went up to them, unafraid of any danger that might be lurking. As I approached them, one of the bikers said, “Hey kid! Don’t you know it is dangerous to hitchhike out here?”
“Ah, man. I’m glad you’re here to protect me then,” I replied. I began to think I was going to finally die when the bikers looked at each other and started laughing.
“Where are you going?” the biker asked.
“No clue,” I answered.
“Well, jump on. We’ve been there several times, and we’ll sure take you right to it,” he responded.
I jumped on a bike driven by the gang’s smallest biker. If I had to end up fighting someone, I wanted him to be the one. After driving for a while, we stopped to stretch our feet. One of the bikers asked me if I had ridden before, and I told him that I had ridden dirt bikes and bikes on ice in Crystal Lake. They gave me an old 67 Triumph Bonneville to ride, and we toured around for quite a bit. After a while, they had somewhere to go which clearly did not include me, but they told me to keep the bike and drove off. I drove around Orange County toward the beach. It occurred to me that the bike was probably hot and not registered, and I became nervous. I rode the bike for one last time along the beach, parked it, and walked away.


About the Author

Michael Kennon

Michael Kennon is the President and CEO of Kennon Transport, LLC a very successful trucking company he runs with his wife, Sue. Before owning his own company, Mike was a runaway and was virtually homeless for most of his childhood and young adulthood. To survive on the road, Mike did everything from driving tractor-trailers, sold encyclopedias door to door, hustled pool, was a baker, ski instructor, sous chef, drug dealer and many other positions of many natures. Drugs and other dependencies took over Mike’s life to the point that he could not accept help when it was offered, nor could he stop running away from a past that haunted him. While now blessed with what he has achieved in his life and in his personal, family and business relationships, things were much different at one time. “Memoirs of a Runaway: A Story of Hope”, is a tale of survival and spirituality. Isolation and reconnection. Most of all, it is a hand reaching out to those who travel down the same troubled path; a story of hope.

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