Man at 50

A Journey of Crisis, Revelation and Survival!

by S. Richard


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Man at 50, an autobiography filled with Crisis, Revelation & Survival! Follow Robert as he walks through abuse, failed marriages and sexual identities. Robert confronts white magic, dysfunction, judgment and bad choices. His life of questions, fears and uncertainty, leads him to a place of strength and a deeper understanding of life. One man’s journey that will inspire, encourage and give hope to the reader. *** LATEST REVIEW! *** The story of a man born and living in USA. It is one of the few stories that makes us see the world of an American boy who is though born in a country where most think that it is the land of all opportunities, however his emotional & social status describe the pain that Robert the protagonist lives and strives in his life. The voice of the author is so clear in the story as his emotions and honest feelings are poured generously in every page, on every line interpreting the struggle of a man who laughs, desires, forgives, forgets and rises back on his own feet and follows his path to reach happiness. I advice women to read this story because, in a world where we as women are suffering, this book would open a window to the world of men who suffer too when they are honest and in the quest of true love, also men should read it in order to see the difference between superiority complex and self-recognition. The book shows that chivalrous men still exist in this monstrous world. In the end stories as such inspire readers that regardless our species we suffer yet we can find happiness. I give the book four stars. **** >>>Author & inspirational speaker / Nataly Restokian<<< *** My latest interview on the Experience 50 Podcast - Check it out! *** JUST RELEASED - Man at 50, the Audio Book, narrated by Steve Stansell, the Voice of HBO! ***


Book Excerpt

"While on patrol, he found another MP in his sedan with a deadly bullet wound to his head. He had received a “Dear John” letter earlier that day. Robert saw things that he had only seen in movies; his life was becoming a real nightmare."


About the Author

S. Richard

S. Richard is a pseudonym. Mr. Richard currently lives in East Texas with his wife. He is a full time security officer, REALTOR® and is currently working on his second book. His goals are simple; help at least one person and leave his story behind for others to learn, benefit and grow by. Mr. Richard is available for speaking engagements to your group, company or organization. Contact him at: ****** & follow him on Twitter and Linkedin at: *** ******YouTube:***Amazon Author Page:***GoodReads Profile:***Listen to My NEW Podcast:



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