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Would You Risk Your Life To Save a Malevolent President?

The White House is in disarray and a frayed nation wonders how it can continue to endure the incompetence and disregard of the president. Carlos Alvarez along with Linda and Scott Williams discover a black-ops Pentagon program in which three soldiers reportedly killed in Afghanistan were given new identities. They follow these soldiers on a trail of betrayal that leads to opening day in Rangers Stadium where the U.S. President is slated to throw out the first pitch. Are they willing to risk their lives to save the life of a president who shows such little concern for the less fortunate?


About the Author

Lawrence Shimkets

Internationally renowned microbiologist Lawrence Shimkets embarks on a new journey. His fast-paced thriller has unexpected twists driven by savvy women, volatile men, unlikely heroes, and a mysterious gold mine. Beyond the action, the story entertains timely social issues designed to heal the soul of a fractured nation. The heart-warming conclusion embraces and unites despite our differences.



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