Magnetic Repulsion

100 Poems From Desire to Disgust

by Patricia A. Hawkenson


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A Truly Original Collection of Poetry about Being In Love, and Out of It

They say true love is eternal. But as so many lovers discover, it often ends with a trip to the lawyer’s office.

Magnetic Repulsion collects 100 poems that explore the core of the entire romantic experience—from wonderful first blush, to tentative uncertainty, to the need for healing when it all fades.

The result is a compelling and necessary companion for anyone who has ever fallen in and out of love.

Poet Patricia A. Hawkenson’s gift for evoking the complex, sensual essence of human relationships is on full display here.

In “Wringing Warm,” a just-laundered towel becomes a metaphor of the electric connection between two people.

“Naked Sushi” examines a woman’s satisfaction at her lover’s muddy footprints--a reminder that she is needed, and not alone.

But there are also poems that resonate with transition. “Apnea” looks at changes in relationships through the prism of two partners’ position in bed. And in “A Harmony of One,” Hawkenson’s speaker proclaims her independence, resolving to “learn the tune of my own song.”

Through it all, Hawkenson’s textured epiphanies and gorgeous images do justice to this wonderful, crazy, frightening, maddening and confusing thing we call love and life.

Magnetic Repulsion: 100 Poems From Desire to Disgust, is nothing less than a study guide for separating relationships.


Book Excerpt

The Seed

it started small

that tiny seed

a speck

in the palm of my hand

dropped to the ground

like dirt

onto a magnetic field

sparked with life

that plugs into the earth

and sunsets marked

the time that passed

with rain like tears

that wept

then wispy emergence

of a slim tendril twisting

climbing hair-like thread


around and around

attaching to the support


and winding

like something warped

turning, bending


deeply entwined now


like a spiral twisting

two ribbons of smoke

curved into their tendency

to grow together

ringlets and wood shavings

crests of breaking waves

maneuvering through the helix

looping through the vortex

a sinuous whirlpool

of lust

even with

your ring on mine

that succubus

has you tightly wrapped

around her little finger


About the Author

Patricia A. Hawkenson

Patricia A. Hawkenson, a poet, stained-glass kaleidoscope artist, and educator, posts additional poetry on her blog Expressive Domain:

She lives in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.