Madam Awesome: The Delusion The Imposter The Reality

by VC Deneen


Book Details

Say the quiet part out loud, my non-sugarcoated truth.

Madam Awesome DIR is a direct and truthful account of growing up in a world where vital information is boring and secretive. Madam Awesome guides you through her truth of what she has seen and learned along the way to becoming a real person who values life. Learn about things that may affect you, or have already affected you. Learn about addiction, depression and suicide, self and sexuality, alcohol, opiates, and the law. Learn about what is real in this world and how to stay alive by helping yourself through the power of knowledge from a survivor. Know better, be better.


About the Author

VC Deneen

VC Deneen was a voiceless, invisible, young adult at one point. Despite many obstacles, she survived and did not commit suicide. Valerie embraces direct truth and honesty, telling you what she has learned having lived through stupid, all without a clue. Valerie is a lifelong Alaska resident who values her family and being alive.