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Tommy Hulette is a love child who never should have been... or so it seems to everyone around him...

Tommy Livan Hulette hates his ghetto neighborhood, but he’s content to have his family, content to have his friends, and content to have his stickball. Then comes the day when his mother and father are suddenly fighting, and just like that his mother sinks into depression leaving Tommy to care for his sister Greta who is very afraid of her mother’s mood swings...Things go from bad to worse when their mother suddenly kills herself,and Tommy’s life is changed forever. In the midst of this shocking and devastating development Tommy learns a horrible secret from his father...A secret that sends him to the home of a new relative, a relative he never knew about. A relative who wants to punish him just for being born...A relative who hates him for no reason at all...or so it Tommy realizes that his life was never as it seemed...Nothing is at it seems... Can Tommy keep Greta safe as he tries to overcome the violence, and the lies that are inflicted upon him on a almost daily basis?


About the Author

A.M. Torres

Ana Torres grew up in East New York Brooklyn, the third youngest of seven children. She has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in the Social Science with an Education Concentration program at Ashford University, but her long time ambition has always been writing. Love Child is her first novel. She lives in New York with her sons Jason and Kristofer and their father Walter.