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GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PAPERBACKS! LONNY LOVE is the story of my drug dealer/addict/rehabilitated son. It is easy reading in a pulp-fiction style - true, experienced and documented. Like a roller coaster ride, Lonny's life had its ups and downs. His Ups were his friends, his family, his loves, his few successes and the joy of living. His Downs were his trials and tribulations. Though the end of the ride was bumpy, it brought him back to a life that he could happily deal with. It did not take much to make Lonny laugh, giggle or smile, because he believed it was the best of all possible worlds. The book has some sad moments, but it has its chuckles and surprises. When marijuana really becomes legal, you will be well-informed on how to grow it in your walk-in closet. LONNY LOVE is uplifting for those who need it. It displays the value of friendship and familial love, and that where there is life, there is hope and happiness.


About the Author

Gloria Lichtenberg

Gloria Lichtenberg now resides in Florida. She continues to write lyrics for condo shows and special occasions. She wrote "Children's Know-It-All Songs," a book of original songs for Early Childhood teachers. She has happily given her music books as gifts to be used in the classrooms here and as far away as Kenya. She credits Facebook for affording her the joy of being in contact with many of her past students, friends and family, and keeping up with their lives, and bringing back special memories.