Living Between The Line

Life and The Ordinary Family

by Eulus Dennis


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Live life: don’t let life live you!

Matt Morgan was at the peak of what he considered to be the grand life of pleasing the ladies. He was young, strong, athletic, handsome and - without a doubt - a please the ladies man who would remain single for many years to come. Not only was he in for a surprise about how long he would be single but he would also face challenges in his life that would go far beyond anything that he could have ever imagined. Would Matt live life or would life live him?


About the Author

Eulus Dennis

Eulus Dennis IS Matt Morgan. This is the story of his life and the things that he lived and experienced as he grew from childhood to manhood. All other characters in this story are based on real people that were a part of his life. Born in Stamps, Arkansas, Eulus grew up and still lives in Denver, Colorado.

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