Live to Tell Your Story

Stories and Decisions On The Road to Success

by Dave LaRue


Book Details

In this book Dave shares the stories that provided him with lessons and inspiration on his way to becoming a successful leader and entrepreneur, and he encourages the reader to look at their own life as a collection of stories full of priceless lessons and powerful inspiration.


About the Author

Dave LaRue

Dave LaRue is an international businessman and entrepreneur who owns and leads more than a dozen thriving companies. He also spends a great deal of time coaching entrepreneurs on how to achieve the same level of success that he is enjoying in life. Experience has taught Dave that life is about decisions. Deciding what your values are, what habits work best for you, and what your true talents are make it possible to ask the right questions, set the right goals, and make the best decisions possible to chart the path to your own success. But while you’re on that path, some of the lessons life has to teach us come from encounters and situations we hadn’t sought out or anticipated, and Dave believes that the stories that come to each individual this way can offer each person an invaluable chance to learn who they truly are—and what action must be taken to live their life accordingly.