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It’s the Strangest Bus Ever!

Every morning, little Rosa gets on the bus. But one day, things start to get very strange. Her fellow passengers are extremely rude—and what’s worse, they expect her to sit apart from them! As Rosa’s bus rides become weirder and wilder, she wonders what to do. Little Rosa is a charming fable with a big message. It is a gentle, accessible introduction to the concepts of the American Civil Rights Movement, laying the foundation for K-4 students to begin meaningful conversations about oppression, discrimination, and equal rights. It’s never too early to give kids a role model, and Rosa Parks is one of the best! Little Rosa is sure to be a favorite with readers of all ages.


About the Author

Mr. E

Mr. E was born in Tempe, Arizona and raised by a family of highly intelligent bears. He has taught school for over 20 years and loves puppets, magic, and superheroes. He has just adopted a baby unicorn, and enjoys spending his days chasing his unicorn around the house. He sometimes regrets adopting a unicorn, but overall finds it tons of fun. This is Mr. E at age six!



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