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Lies, Love, Sex and Murder Eagle’s Beak’s Seaside Secrets Revealed

Nicholas and Yvonne are having an affair, and their relationship is exposed when their grown children, who are married, walk in on them. Their relationship is further complicated by the fact that Nick is the chief of police of Eagle’s Beak, and Yvonne is the town’s mayor. Nick is a government-trained interrogator and a highly skilled liar. Yvonne, a scientist, is interested only in the truth. She is also the CEO of a company developing breakthrough technology in lie detection and mind reading. Nick, an investor and technical guru, reports to Yvonne, and together they’re in the high-tech business of prevarication-based neuroscience, reading and recording the mind as its neurons fire in deception. Their romance is shaken by sudden events—lies and truths, love, sex, and the town’s first murder. When the U.S. government begins to investigate Yvonne for sabotaging their contract with her company, they subpoena Nick to testify against her, and she is indicted and faces trial. As Nick investigates, he finds there are answers that just don’t seem to ring true. He is amazingly good at ferreting out the truth—but can he and Yvonne untangle the web of lies and come out unscathed? Find out in Liar Liar Panties on Fire.


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Liar Liar Panties on Fire is Multi-genre: 1. Half of the novel is ROMANTICA. Some readers of the more delicate persuasion might be offended. Oh well . . . 2. Half of the novel is a MURDER MYSTERY. The murder is dumb and the mystery is ridiculous. But, there is a killer of the loose, and a cop on the hunt. 3. Half of the novel is SCIENTIFIC NON-FICTION. The technology component's theme is based on today's state-of-the-art developments in mind reading and lie-detection. George knows this stuff. 4. Half of the novel is a SPOOF on America's political and criminal justice system. For some liars there is simply no justice. 5. A sub-plot revolves around a woman battling breast cancer. George wants her to prevail. 6. The last half of the novel is a HAPPY ENDING.


About the Author


George is an engineer whose passions are family, love, fun, technology, and writing. Liar Liar Panties on Fire is his third novel, and it is dedicated to his lovely wife, Carol, who passed away last year with breast cancer. Let’s fight the fight and find the cure. He lives in Montana and California.

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