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Legend Foretold Her Arrival; Now, She Has to Survive Long Enough to Save Her People

An oppressive cloud hangs ominously over the port city of Mareese. In a dark tower high above the people lives the Overlord, who for two decades has severed citizens’ freedom as he ruthlessly consolidated control-viciously murdering those who dared to speak up. And so it appeared things would continue in this way-that is, until Diony showed up. An ordinary girl who suddenly discovers she has extraordinary powers, Diony is an apprentice at the Academy of Sages, a consortium of scholars and mystics. But when her remarkable abilities show themselves, those around her realize she is one key in a legend outlining how the tyranny can finally be broken. There’s just one person who’s determined not to let that happen: the Overlord, who has branded Diony a murderer and initiated an all-out search to find her-and destroy the girl. Now, Diony and her diverse band of compatriots will engage in a harrowing journey to survive and overthrow their enslavers. In the process, she must learn to control her extraordinary developing powers or she will put their entire mission-and herself-at risk. And all of it culminates in a shocking battle that tests the strengths of good and evil once and for all. Fast-paced and richly detailed, Legend Destiny is a sprawling and gorgeously imagined fantasy that will keep you hooked until the very end.


About the Author

Nance Bulow-Morgan

Nance Bulow-Morgan is a former photojournalist who worked for three decades in the print industry. She has published one book of prose, and is currently working on two novels. A mother of two and grandmother of six, Bulow-Morgan lives in northern Illinois.