Last Train In

My Journey Through This Life

by David Cicchese


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Composing Music - My Safety Net Through Life

David Cicchese is the youngest of thirteen children. His parents could neither read nor write, but they were able to provide him with a priceless gift: the chance to study music at an early age.

From playing the accordion in a high school quartet, majoring in musical education and performance at MacPhail College, playing the trumpet in an Army band, and a 25-year stint in a quintet, David’s musical career had its ups and downs, much like his personal life—with two painful divorces, deep depression, loss, and a tragic accident that would change his family’s life forever. And through it all, music was his constant companion.


About the Author

David Cicchese

David Cicchese credits his love of music for keeping him busy and out of too much trouble, and he finds composing a wonderful way to express himself. He has studied many musical instruments, but his favorite by far has been the trumpet. David currently lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Last Train In is his debut book.

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