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Barbara Bryan Returns with More Lighthearted Verse to Brighten Up Anyone's Day

In Just for Fun, children’s author Barbara Bryan creates a delightful treasury of verse, this time for all ages. With her trademark knack for unearthing enchanting rhyme and rhythm, along with gorgeous, full-color illustrations, Bryan celebrates the everyday world we live in.

What emerges is both personal and universal as Bryan trains her eye on subjects as focused as her Labrador and as widespread as the ocean. In “Mrs. Parker,” Bryan explores the reasons a longtime teacher continues through the hard slog of education; in “Fourth of July,” freedom takes center stage, along with the fireworks.

Through it all, Bryan lightheartedly reveals the magic that goes on all around us, if only we’d stop long enough to notice it.


About the Author

Barbara Bryan

Barbara Bryan lives in Novato, Calif. She is the author of Holiday Poems For Children, a treasury of rhyme and illustration about our best-loved holidays, Save The Golden Tree, a Christmas story, Just for Fun, Starfish, Seashells, Coral and Gems, Where Are My Amethysts?, and From Scratch: Three Short Stories For Children.

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