It's OK to Live Again

Life, the Second Time Around

by Gary Lloyd James


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Value yourself. Self-worth is where success begins.

After the initial shot, Jeffrey must fight his way through rehab, a place he feared growing up as he remembered those old movies of crazy people walking the halls and talking to their imaginary friends . Frustrated by the fact that he failed at life, he comes to the conclusion that he has also failed at death. Lucky for him, Grace Monty enters his life.

Unable to see her face on their first day in the hospital, Jeffrey must settle for listening to Grace’s voice as she speaks to him from behind the curtain that separates them in the room. During their conversation, Jeffrey becomes intrigued by this person who seems to know so much about life and carries an upbeat tone in her voice.

Love was nowhere in the picture when Jeffrey decided to end his life, but after he finally lays eyes on Grace, he is immediately drawn to her red hair. He is captivated by the way the light bounces off her hair as she makes eye contact with him.

Is this another turning point? Is the universe trying to send Jeffery Wilson a message? That message comes through loud and clear when he stares into the eyes of his newborn son. Nothing more needs to be said; Jeffrey now knows what he must do.


About the Author

Gary Lloyd James

With a passion for speaking out on issues that society would rather sweep under the carpet, Gary James's voice has always been in the right place. In 2011 he was awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. award for his work on domestic violence. and for speaking out on violence against women in particular. Born on the beautiful island of Jamaica, James migrated to the United States in 1995. Always concerned about the state of the human consciousness, he found himself on a quest for a medium in which he could reach those who felt they had no voice. Poetry was that medium. James published A New Horizon in 2007 and has never looked back. He felt poetry was too broad a genre, and frustrated by the look on the average person's face when he mentioned the word poetry, he set out to create his own genre and called it stoetry. Stoetry has since become a clothing line, and now, with this novel based on one of his poems, he has launched the other part of his brand, where stories are inspired by poetry. With so many social ills, there is no shortage of issues to address. It's Okay to Live Again looks at the issue of suicide from a slightly different angle.

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