Infinite Scribbles In The Sand

by Sandra A. Murray


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I never thought about writing over the years, but as I approached my senior years, I wrote a story birthday card for one of my grandchildren that blossomed into a full book. I then took an online course for children's literature, and did well The next step I took was to join a writer's site. That was the catalyst to publish a book. Infinite Scribbles in the Sand is the culmination of a few years of poems and short stories that I wrote, If you want to test your writing skills, I recommend you join a writer's club or online site and enter as many contests as possible. That will help to expand your writing horizons.and the work that comes out of this you bring to Outskirts Press to be published.


Book Excerpt

The Fourth Ring Is Nigh I see the silver lining of the cloud of falsehoods told instead of truth, It's the sound of money lining others pockets as lies fill the air, It is the lining of the casket that is empty when all said it was full. Don't you have better things to do?


About the Author

Sandra A. Murray

I was born in a small town on the New England seashore. I am the second to the last in sibling order. I have had so many experiences that prompted people to tell me to write a book. I finally became convinced that I had enough to publish and it is in the works. This is the forerunner using my experiences to tell a story or two. I always thought of myself as an artist, but I am beginning to see myself as an Author. With the experience of writing this book, I should be ready to tell my story. I would hope that you have as much enjoyment reading this collection as I had writing it. Enjoy!

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