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Knowing her God was bigger than any cancer, my ten-year-old daughter, Christina, faced this tremendous obstacle with unwavering faith and a smile in her heart. There was no room for anger, and the question, “Why me?” would never be asked. Instead, this diagnosis was answered with, “Use me. Use me, Lord, for Your Name and Your Glory!” People ask me, "How do you do it? How do you watch your daughter walk through such a storm and then go on after she has passed away?" My answer is quite simple: How could I watch my own daughter carry her cross with such a sweet gentle spirit for Christ and not pick up and carry mine? Every moment of every day was a challenge. The only way to make it through was to lean on our Lord. With Christ, Christina turned a dismal situation into life lessons. With Christ, I go on and weather every storm that comes my way. Through Christ, I find the strength to share Christina's testimony with the world, praying that others will be changed and even saved by the grace of God if they don't know Him. In the end, the clouds will make way for a vibrant rainbow filled with God's promises. In Christ, I write this book, knowing "If There's A Mailbox In Heaven," I send all that is within me to my beloved daughter. Praise to Jesus Christ who is the reason I still have purpose! I pray my words bless and inspire all who read them. It is all for His Name and His glory.


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"Mom, thank you for bringing me into the world." These were the words you said to me in the kindest voice as chemo was being pumped into your body for the first time. The funny thing is that "you" are the one who brought "life" into my world. Those sweet and penetrating words started the journey, broke down all barriers, and put everything clearly into perspective. You thanked me for life as that solution entered your body and could have very well robbed you of that same gift. I told you that I wasn't the one who brought you into this world. It was God. You said, "I know, but thanks." Your life wasn't the same. It was forever changed and so were all the people you touched and continued to inspire. You were so grateful for every moment God blessed you with. I was so grateful that God blessed me with you. In that moment I realized that you weren't mine. You truly were "His" child, and I was given this time with you as a precious life-lesson-filled gift! The night of Calvary's High School Girls' Soccer Banquet continues to change lives and inspire so many! God's plan unfolded in His perfect way and in His perfect timing. You had entered a new school at Calvary. You wore that uniform proudly and walked those hallways joyfully as a 5th grade classmate. Everything had its purpose. Everything was set in motion for His glory. Before that year, I kept focusing on your high school, softball scholarships, and college. I kept worrying so much about your future, almost missing out on precious moments right in front of me. Life is like a "vapor" as it says in the Bible. It goes by so fast, and we can't waste any moments. You taught me that, Christina! I remember standing in the far corner of the room filled with almost 200 hundred people. When we got the signal, you pushed my hand away. You knew you had to walk across that room on your own, no matter how weak your legs felt. With a white blood cell count of zero, but a heart filled with joy, you "carried your cross" to that podium. With the brightest smile, you spoke, "I'm Christina Bowers. Thank you so much for letting me be here tonight. This award is not about me. It's about Christ working through me!" Those words continue to ring loud today and inspire so many people. "It's not about me. It's about Christ working through me!" It was never about you or about cancer. It was about allowing our Lord to work through you, to bring others closer to Him, for His name and His glory!


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Celeste N. Bowers

God has a plan and a path for every aspect of our life. Nothing He sets before us is a coincidence. There was no coincidence that Celeste Bowers would be blessed with gifts of writing, teaching, making people laugh, and being a mom. All these gifts held crucial roles when her ten-year-old daughter, Christina, was diagnosed with cancer. Serving as a Special Needs Aide and a substitute teacher were valuable to Bowers, but nothing compared to the life lessons Christina would share with the world. As a softball coach, Bowers loved the game on the field, yet Christina shows us the game that really counts is when we walk off of it--the "Game of Life," thus inspiring Bowers to write a poem by the same title. Bowers dreamed of being a stand-up comic when she was growing up. Little did she know that her stage would be set in a hospital room, performing the most entertaining routines for a precious audience of one. These routines would help her daughter laugh and smile despite the drastic side effects of chemo therapy. "If There's A Mailbox In Heaven" now ties all of Bowers' gifts together. The world is blessed with a close look at Christina's walk with our Lord, witnessing how her faith never wavered! As a mom, her most cherished role, Bowers will never stop sending all that is within to her daughter. Celeste Bowers, her husband, Ted, and son, Teddy, live in Huntington Beach, CA. They look up to their Heavenly Father, knowing that Christina is right there with Him, and anxiously await the day when they will all be re-united!