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Consequences Proceed Every Act of Sin


Absolutely amazing, as I remember like it was yesterday when my life appeared bleak after the birth of my second child,

Truly, I was taken by disbelief. No one was more surprised than me to verify I was six to seven weeks pregnant. Can you believe I actually thought I caught the flu? And just when embarrassment, immense guilt, humiliation, and shame were seemingly enough to endure, I encountered more than I could have ever contemplated and imagined.

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Book Excerpt


Indeed who would have thought that an unlikely ROLE MODEL: A tongue-talking, Bible-toting, Holy Spirit-filled, born-again believer, minister of the Gospel, who, contrary to the Word of God, birthed her second child out of wedlock, could go from the Depths of shame, embarrassment, and humiliation to the HEIGHTS of Success as an Acclaimed Book Author and thriving Business Woman?

Truly, Only The ONE GOD who has the Power to make it so.

I AM INSPIRED The Beginning is a good beginning and inspired book, off sprung from the inspired Article, I AM INSPIRED to an inspired (3) part mini reading series intended to inspire readers to inspire in spite of circumstances and situations.

"May you remain inspired to inspire!"


"Truly inspiring, watch the video and get the book. Be a blessing to this awesome Woman of God! God Blesses those who bless His People."

-Minister Lilisa J. Williams, Author of "Release Your Power", Hillside, NJ

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-Patricia Washington Smart,

"Congratulations! . . . You are welcome. The Trailer is intriguing."

-Veniza Howard, Author's sister, Union, NJ

"This is a HOT book video trailer. Before this i wasn't aware that they made Trailers for Books! Awesome way to promote . . . Anyways i'm going to get my copy today, you should too! XD"

-Christopher Hill, Author's son, Hillside, NJ

Excerpt "Look Inside THE Book"

"I am certain you have often heard the expression, "if I could turn back the hands of time," and though I cannot change what transpired, I would surely, all the same, change the end of one day, doing things different. Moreover, rather than starting there, allow me to fast forward and be here.

It was another beautiful spring day, no cliché intended; it really was a beautiful spring day in April 2004 when I discovered I was expecting my second child. Now, how and why that happened is the topic of this tale.

I recall sitting, relaxing chit-chatting and watching television with my teenage son, when all of a sudden I had another strange craving; instantaneously I insisted that he walk to the store. "I need you to walk to the corner store again", I blurted. "Mom, why you keep sending me to the store, you’ve been sending me to the store all week. What are you pregnant or something?”, he curiously questioned. "Boy, ain’t nobody pregnant". "Just, go to the store", I adamantly pressed.

Even so, I wondered, "Could I be pregnant?" After all, that would explain why I was craving my Mother’s home cooking and feeling very ill. Nah. No way. “It’s only premenstrual syndrome”, I justified within myself, or as some may agree, I was in denial. Thus, in addition to the signs, I ignored my son’s inquiry.

Later on, I began to pray, except the illness simply wouldn’t go away; afterward, Wednesday, April 7, 2004 I attended an interment (home going) service with the woman and man of God. "Minister Allen, take this", the man of God insisted and handed me sinus and cold medication. Because I could not shake what I convinced myself was a bad cold or flu, I took the tablets without consideration.

Needless to say, the drug did not help. If I had taken into account the possibility that I was with child, I am sure I would not have taken medication. More to the point, in view of my medical history, therein, another story, there was definitely no way I was expecting.


"I read "I Am Inspired" and really enjoyed it. It's a very short book - 13 pages. I would call it more of a short story about the beginning of the author's hardest part of her life, when she found out she was pregnant with her second son out of wedlock. She is planning on doing a whole "I am Inspired" series. This book "The Beginning" really drew me in and left me wanting to read more about what occurred after she found out she was pregnant and came to terms with it. I would suggest, when the author is done with the whole series, to make one large compilation book so people can read the whole story. Without reading anymore of the story, it does seem as if this would be a good book for those that find themselves in the same situation to read. Maybe something she says in here - her reflections on God and on her faith - can help someone else to make a decision and see that they are not alone."

-(4) Stars Online Book Reviewer Heather Singh, Buena Park, CA

"I Am Inspired The Beginning" is a book that shows how God will not leave us no matter what we do. Valerie Allen, a minister in her church finds herself having strange cravings. Upon sending her son to the store to make a purchase for one of the cravings he jokingly asks if she is pregnant. She denies this and then wonders. Several pregnancy tests later the truth is revealed. Her one step of God's will created an unplanned pregnancy. Letting her congregation know of her sin had to have been difficult for her. However, she discovered that no sin is too great to cause God to leave us. This book will inspire you to take your problems and situations to God. She leaves no room for you to continue to sin and make excuses. She makes it very clear that we should strive to stay in tune with God's will at all time. God will still take our mess and work it out to glorify him if we let him. I believe the title is very appropriate."

-(4) Stars Online Book Reviewer Sandra K. Stiles, Sarasota, FL

"I did had the pleasure of reading Ms. Allen's book. First let me say her style of writing is superb. I admire how she uses words to express her emotions so vividly. I found myself not wanted to put it down. Secondly, her story was so inspiring to me because i and many women i know have had to face similar decisions and her decision to take all the blame for her actions and come clean to me was courageous and remarkable...Ms. Allen HELLO....where is the rest of the story i want to know what happened next, please write a second book and make it longer for i truly enjoy your writing....Not to mention after reading the previous comment, really makes me want to know more because there is obviously some juicy tidbits that you forgot to mention that this person is afraid of getting out if he or she even read the book. On that note i will end this with saying thank you for inspiring me to tell my story...”

-(4) Stars Book Store Owner, Not "just" Books, Fatimah Pryor, Orange, NJ


"Before I began to read I looked at the darkened cloud, a face humbled and bent low as if in prayer, surrounded by a light. I am Inspired of just how good God is, no matter the darkness. My personal name for Him is WOWJAJ...."I have made you, and I will carry you...I will sustain you, and I will rescue you." Is 46:4 I was Inspired to look into my darkened corners to see if I need to bend low and confess. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your heart, for the transparency, strength and staightforwardness God allowed you to share with us for such a time as this. This is only "THE BEGINNING" I look forward to much more. Minister/Author Allen, I thank God for you........FAVOR!"

-Minister Edith Reyes", Akron, OH

"Hi Valerie, Thank you and keep doing the inspiring work you are doing. Have a wonderful day."-

-Katrina Parker Williams, Author of "Liquor House Music", North Carolina

"I Am Inspired too. I read an article recently about your story. I have a close friend who found herself in the same situation a couple of years ago and another friend struggling, fearful and discouraged about possibly facing the same situation today."

-Kyshia Woods,

"Just want to say what a blessing you have been in my life. Besides the gifts you gave my children and the great conversations we had, your drive and determination to share god with the world and to talk about your blessings has been an inspiration. Whenever I read one of your posts, It puts me in a different place...thx."

-Penny Meredith, Elizabeth, NJ

"Hi Valerie, I just read your book and I am inspired. I enjoyed everything you shared. I particularly liked the heart of your oldest son and how you expressed the reality of your relationship with the fellow in the relationship. I was refreshing to hear your honesty. I am so glad God is not like man."

-Dr. Brenda Simmons, Pastor of First Love National Fellowship, Newark, NJ

"Hi Valerie, nice to meet a fellow author. Congrats on your book."

-Danek Stephen Kaus, Author of "You Can Be Famous", Mountain View, CA

"Hi Valerie I am so proud of you that you followed your dream to be a writer. I read your book. hope to hear from you soon."

-Lucille Mersier, Author's Aunt, Greenwood, SC

"Thank you Valerie, I hope this reaches the multitude who views my page, your Book is awesome and Has a message for many Women and the Men who support!" God Bless!!!"

-Katrina Collins, Los Angeles, CA

"Hey ya'll get my sister's book. You will be blessed. It's a great read. Many in our ministry have been blessed. We're waiting for the sequel."

-Dr. B. Alexander Ingram, Ph.D., Pastor of SEED Ministries International, Columbia, SC

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"Hey Author Valerie, what an inspiring book and your openness and honest was compelling me to continue to read. It is awesome how God can take us from the lowest place in our lives and turn it around and raise us up for His glory. I can't wait for the rest of the series to find what God does next in your life. Continue to write and inspire others that they too can run smack into their purpose and destiny in the darkest hour with mercy and grace of God. Much love to you."

-Mrs. Mona Lisa Ingram, Lady of SEED Ministries International, Columbia, SC

"Wow! Such a great read! In reading this God-gifted book I was almost brought to tears. Simply because it brought so many memories back. But to look back and actually reflect on it reminds me that God is truly a good God!!! He has truly blessed you with the gift of writing, Praise Him for that!"

-Christopher Hill, Author's son, Hillside, NJ


October 2011

Steps to using your GOD given Talents and Abilities

Saturday, October 8, 2011 - Friday, November 18, 2011
11:00AM & 7:00PM
Host. Facilitator. Teacher


August 2011 with Barbara Jean Pittman Mack

Jesus In The Morning Online Radio By Freedom Doors Ministries

Monday, August 29, 2011
Guest Speaker


"Min Valerie that was an awesome on time message this day. Asleep at the Will. my my."

-Evangelist Barbara Jean Pittman Mack, Freedom Doors Ministries, Jacksonville, FL

"You were awesome. I look forward to more word from you Minister Valerie Allen."

-Cynthia Robinson, Newark, NJ

"I was able to tune into the message you preached today Minister Valerie. Thank you so much for the word of God "Sleeping on God's Will". That statement alone has impacted me and stayed on my mind over and over again today. May God continue to bless you to be the Praise Warrior of the Lord that you are and enlarge your territory according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus, Amen!"

-Linda Jamila, Newark, NJ

June 2011

Women's Praise Breakfast

Women's Praise Breakfast: Ways To Praise

Saturday, June 25, 2011
Sardis Temple Baptist Church, Newark, NJ


"I want to thank Minister Valerie Allen for the profound word she taught at Ways to Praise Breakfast. 'Shout Now!' We got it. We were able to praise on the seventh day like Joshua was told to do. That was really Good Min Val. and thanks for such a generous blessing to PM'PM."

-Dr. Brenda Pittman, Pastor, Prison Mother's Prayer Ministry, Newark, NJ, with Pastor Rebecca Simmons

Woman to Woman: Open Forum Call in Show with Pastor Rebecca Simmons

Saturday, June 11, 2011
Guest Host


"Amen! Thank you for your word Today!! Thank God for using you mightily today! God Bless you for your Testimony! It was an honor to be your co-host! Blessing and Love!"

-Sister Tina L. Lane, Newark, NJ.

"Amen! What a blessed broadcast today. I send out a special thank you to Minister Valerie Allen for being my guest host today and for Tina L. Lane for stepping in as co-host and helping to make sure Woman To Woman went on the air today. Thanks to these very special women, the work of the LORD went forth. Thank you Minister Valerie Allen. Thank you Tina Lane! God bless you both!"

-Pastor Rebecca Simmons, Elizabeth, NJ.

"It was a great program."

-Public Speaker and Writer, Dana Neal, Milwaukee, WI.


April 2011 with Pastor Rebecca Simmons

Woman to Woman: Open Forum Call in Show with Pastor Rebecca

Saturday, April 11, 2011


"Minister Valerie Allen, thank you so much for calling in and pouring out from the Word of the LORD! I already received a call that you were a blessing!"

-Pastor Rebecca Simmons of New Creation Christian Ministries, Elizabeth, NJ,

July 2010 with Pastor Rebecca Simmons

Saturday, July 17, 2010


"amen, amen!!!"

-Rev. Doris J. Dorsey


2nd Annual Empowered Women's Conference

Saturday, July 17, 2010
Wyndam Hotel, Newark, NJ


Sunday, July 11, 2010
St. Matthew's United Methodist Church, Newark, NJ
Guest Speaker with Pastor Rebecca Simmons

Saturday, July 10, 2010


"Blessings to you Pastor Rebecca. This was an enlighting show, it has showed me some areas I need to improve in with our ministry. I'm just sorry she could not come to Lady Carol for help. But let me thank you for being there for Sis. Erica. Blessings to you!"

-Pastor Larry Sartin of Christian Family Faith Center, Chicago, IL

June 2010


Saturday, June 26, 2010
St. Mark A.M.E Church, East Orange, NJ
Speaker with Sisters N The Spirit

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guest CoHost

January 2010


Thursday, January 28, 2010
Hillside Public Library, JFK Plaza, Hillside, NJ
Book Signing

December 2009 with Lilisa J. Williams "Firestarter"

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 Part I
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"keep up the good work … together we (the people of GOD) can shape our wonderful world."

-Andrew Addo, La Ceiba, Atlantida

"I will be tune in for the program on these dates; good luck with carrying the message for our savior."

-Major Morrison, East Orange, NJ

"I just listened to the show with Author Valerie Allen. Great job!"

-Cookie Green, Newark, NJ

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"My most recent blog article - featuring Valerie Allen, Author, Minister, One who INSPIRES! - what a great lady!" Tuesday, June 14, 2011.



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"God Bless . . . Love It!"

-Miya Hollingsworth,

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"This first month has been incredible and we are happy to announce we ran a short contest to see who would be our December Author / Speaker Powerful Women N Spotlight 2009 and you responded and the winner is: Author Valerie Allen."

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About the Author

Valerie Allen

Valerie Allen holds a Certificate of Evangelism from the Eastern Bible Institute of Newark, New Jersey.

She is the author "I AM INSPIRED The Beginning" which inspires people to overcome shame, guilt and pain as well as other various inspirational articles published online and in print.

Valerie Allen is simply an anointed phenomenal writer, author, public speaker; business and event planner and organizer; contributor, minister, preacher, teacher, and proud mother.

She and her son reside in New Jersey, where they are extremely active in SERVING THE LORD in "paying it forward" throughout various Communities and beyond.



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