The House The Internet Built

by Vivien Kalvaria


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POINT, CLICK, BUILD! This book is a must if you're building or remodeling your home. In a slumping housing market more and more homeowners are staying put and turning their sights to remodeling - some with an eye toward selling once the market recovers. Those seeking to sell in the current market realize that in order to be competitive homes must look top notch from the curb to the backdoor. The key in both cases is cost of remodeling versus return. Times have changed since the heady days when homeowners would fork over top dollar for remodeling projects knowing they could double or triple the return. In the post housing boom, remodeling doesn't guarantee the yield it once did. Enter the internet! A bottomless source of unparalleled options for cost savings on building materials and home improvement products. Whether you're a weekend DIYer or seasoned contractor, this book will prove invaluable: A comprehensive catalog of 300 home improvement websites, including web addresses, phone numbers and information about each web company. Essential information for safe online shopping. Useful tips and ideas to help you as you build.

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