How Do You Catch A Horned Mangru

by Michael Tenniswood


Book Details

Only Billy Knows How to Catch This Mysterious Creature…

Young Billy has an amazing story to tell his friends—how he cornered and captured a Horned Mangru. What is a Horned Mangru, and where does it live? What did he have to do to capture it? And will his friends even believe him? This charming story told in lively rhymes will delight and entertain children and parents alike, and if you want to catch one of these creatures yourself…as it turns out, a Horned Mangru may be closer than you think!


About the Author

Michael Tenniswood

Mike Tenniswood grew up with an imaginative younger brother, and their adventures together inspired him to write a story for his daughters when they were young. That story developed into this book. Mike and his wife now have four daughters: Gina, Isabel, Julia, and Liza.