How I Killed JFK

The Truth the Lies the Coverup

by George Norton Snider/Time Traveler


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This is where we sort them all out. How the real untold story could have happened. Read as the plot unwinds and the characters come to life through the eyes and mind of a retired worldwide detective. Understand my knowledge and experience. I make Sherlock Holmes look like Nancy Drew.


About the Author

George Norton Snider/Time Traveler

Retired...World Wide Detective At the ripe old age of 67, now turned writer, author, poet, play write, time traveler, living to write, enjoying the quite time behind the key board reminiscing old friends and fun times, finding words to connect them all together, watching the sun rise and set, praying for another day to write and say, my next books are: “The Most Haunted Place In The World” “The Time Warp Road” “Who Murdered Miss Lee” “Missing In Aruba” “The Time Travelers” “My Collection of Short Stories” “A Walk in the Wind Prose and Poetry”