Fifteen Hands Above the Ground

by Christine E. Mackenzie


Book Details

Come take an exciting journey to distant lands, meet the most fascinating people, ordinary and extraordinary alike, but most of all see the beauty in the beast!

This is a thrilling adventure/ action/ romance that will keep you turning the page and make you care about what happens to these three people whose lives intersect in unexpected ways.


Book Excerpt

CHAPTER 'HOOFBEAT HEARTBEAT' "Rapido Pajero, vamonos muchacho," Mariana whispered into her horse's ear and he responded splendidly, pushing the mighty head into the night while his mighty heart beat soundly, straining against the confines of his ribcage... in perfect rhythm with her own heart.


About the Author

Christine E. Mackenzie

Christine lived in International places as a photo-journalist, and on the road, supporting her husband Stuart, a great polo player. Now, she enjoys writing screenplays and fiction...but always incorporates some relevant facts. Stories are her passion. She currently resides in Santa Fe, N.M. with family, friends and pets like her Arabian ‘Shadow’, her Aussie shepherd ‘Lil’ Bear’ and a Siamese cat called Mr. Pips.



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