The Covered Bridge at Cravens Creek

by Mary Sue Holton


Book Details

Bridging the gap from yesterday to forever...

The Covered Bridge at Cravens Creek is the beautiful, tender, playful and intoxicating story of Titus Harrington and the sassy young stranger who lures him into forever with a pair of ivory lace boots. With a perfect balance of happiness and struggles, the life they build will jump from the pages to introduce itself to you. Titus and Bootsie (the name he gives his wife), marry young, after he proposes to her in the place that becomes the center of their lives. Like a time capsule, the covered bridge notes each life event, and carries it safely into the reaches of the future where it becomes one with infinity. Supporting characters, Ma Hattie and Miss Patsy, are full of spunk and surprises. Despite their ages, they refuse to allow the best of themselves to die. You’ll be jolted with astonishment as some of their secrets are revealed. But they’ll weave a blanket of warmth that will embrace your heart, making them a part of your fondest memories. You’ll be left wanting to visit the covered bridge to dangle your feet in the refreshing waters of Cravens Creek.


About the Author

Mary Sue Holton

This is the third published novel for author Mary Sue Holton. Retired from the medical field, she now fills her time exploring her passion to write. Also with a passion for dancing, she uses the metaphor “dancing with words” to explain the joy she finds in the pages of her own novels.

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