Witches, Warriors, Magic & Murder

by Geffrey Von Gerlach


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Spanning over sixty years, HEXE: Witches, Warriors, Magic & Murder is a spellbinding three-part saga that chronicles the exploits of three remarkable women who clash in a test of supernatural powers for the supreme victory. It is a story of obsessive love, witchcraft and retribution, as each of these extraordinary women come to terms with their own secret gift of power. Set against the backdrop of the scandalous William Desmond Taylor murder case of 1922, HEXE begins following the ambitions of a scheming young actress who uses her sinister powers to destroy her dazzling and talented rival, stealing her lover and finally shattering her career. In her quest for power, she goes on to play a key role in the unbridled madness of the Third Reich, plying her dark magic to gain position and influence over the Fuhrer himself. It is only in part three, set in an unsuspecting Southern California college town, that the offspring of the original antagonists square off in a love affair and a Faustian battle to the death, finally expunging the sinister bloodline that has perpetuated evil for centuries.


About the Author

Geffrey Von Gerlach

GEFFREY VON GERLACH has two other novels to his credit, GHOSTPOINTS, a story of adventure, glamour and redemption, and BEEHIVE ARIZONA, a supernatural mystery set in a frighteningly “perfect” Arizona mining town. He has recently completed DEATHBED KISSES, a collection of quirky short stories, expressing a humourous and darker side of love.

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