Whether By Chance

by Helen Doan


Book Details

Deeply rooted in personal experiences, WHETHER BY CHANCE consists of 79 poignant poems.

WHETHER BY CHANCE is a compilation of 79 poignant poems written during a whirlwind decade of romantic endeavors. Rooted in personal experiences, these poems express the hopes and personal trials of one woman in her lifelong pursuit of love. Each lyrical stanza shines an illuminating light on the blind corners of romance while imparting to readers the insights of someone who came to know love and passion a little too well.

Everyone has, at one point or another, felt the fulfillment of holding the right hand, the heartbreak of severing with a lover, the ache of being a second choice and-or the very private pain of never reuniting with a lost love. That said, love is at once common and uncommon, demanding and not, strong and delicate, humble and supremely arrogant. Every facet of its essence is beautifully captured as the author employs words as a paintbrush to color the magnificence of human emotions... all in a way so honest, it’s unforgettable.


About the Author

Helen Doan

Helen Doan is a Vietnamese-American writer born in Kien Giang, Vietnam in 1981 and came to San Jose, California in 1986 where she grew up. Poetry was her first love since grade school and the art of writing it became an undying passion in the years ahead. Endeavoring to become a screenwriter, Doan moved from the Bay Area to Southern California in 2002 where she spent over seven years writing feature-length screenplays and keeping a diary of her independence. In 2010, Doan established herself as a writer with the publication of her candid memoir “On My Behalf” by Savant Books and Publications.