For I Know The Plans I Have For You Declares The Lord...

by Sharquent Jacobs,Webster


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One Woman’s Remarkable Journey of Redemption

Sharquent Webster has been to hell and back. Before she was even old enough to drive, she had been raped, developed a drug addiction, and stolen. As a young adult, she developed a taste for PCP and crack. She learned to hustle, snatch purses, and walk the streets at night, high as a kite. She began sleeping in what she calls “abandominiums.” Then, after the law caught up with her, Sharquent discovered something even more shocking than her behavior: despite her past, someone still loved her: Jesus. He Kan’t Kill Your Future is a frank look at Sharquent’s incredible experiences at the edge of society’s borders. In these unflinching pages, she describes what it’s like getting mixed up in L.A.’s dark criminal underground, where those with no future and nothing to lose will do anything for the next high. Then, Sharquent stumbles upon Victory Outreach, a remarkable women’s rehabilitation home and ministry. What happened next would put Sharquent on the path toward a higher purpose for the first time in her life, but not before the greatest struggle of all—the struggle to believe in herself enough to have a future. He Kan’t Kill Your Future is recommended reading for at-risk youth, social-services workers, and those who have ever experienced the rougher passages of life. “This book will leave you craving more of God’s presence in your life,” Sharquent says. “I pray that reading this book will bring change and growth into your life.”


About the Author

Sharquent Jacobs,Webster

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Sharquent Webster is the seventh of ten children. An abused runaway, she lived a life of pain and struggle before finding hope and security in God. She is married with three children.



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