by Jimmy Manteris


Book Details

“Come Ashore and Be Clubbed!”

If that’s an invitation that catches your attention – then this is the book for you! Headknockers is a fascinating discussion of all types of clubs, from simple truncheons to metal maces and elaborate ceremonial weapons. Full of specialized knowledge and history, this richly detailed study is equally valuable to the seasoned weapons collector, or anyone who is intrigued by the development of weaponry and its uses in society. While there are many books available about daggers, knives, guns, and swords, Headknockers fills a unique niche in weapons information. Enjoy your journey – but watch out when you get to Fiji. If you hear “Haere mai ki uta kia patua,” you might not want to go ashore after all!


About the Author

Jimmy Manteris

Jimmy Manteris has been a collector and dealer of weapons and artifacts for 40 years. He is a self-taught expert, with a lifelong interest of war and history.