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What Lengths Would You Go to Keep Something That Wasn't Yours?

Edwin knew he was dying, and that he wouldn't be there to help his son grow up. He wanted his son to become a strong man, one who would stand on his own. So Edwin gave him the name Merriwether

Merriwether Gamble hated his father for giving him such a name. It was his cross to bear, causing him to overreact time and again to the taunts and teasing of the other boys. But it made him grow up tough, as his father had wished. Perhaps too tough. After an ill-chosen confrontation sends Merriwether to prison, his life takes an interesting turn when he befriends Whitie Fowler, his cellmate, who helps Merriwether survive the harsh realities of prison life. But Whitie has a secret, one that could make them both rich or get them both killed.

With Whitie's Gold, author H.D. Williams skillfully blends an exciting story line with quick-paced action to create a real page-turner of a Western.


Book Excerpt

Whitie tossed the empty pack on the pile and tied the horse to the picket line. He turned and took two steps toward Lucky when he was slammed back into a tree, hitting his head hard and losing consciousness, he never heard the shot.
Lucky heard the shot that hit Whitie, which in all probability saved his life. He looked up and the bullet meant for the top of his head creased the side of his head leaving a thin bloody gash through his hairline. Both men lay motionless as the minutes pass and the meat over the fire began to hiss and turn black.
After a safe amount of time passed a figured separated from the shadows and stepped into view. The man was tall and slim he looked to be close to forty years old, but the wrinkles could have been premature. The rifle he carried was old, but it was poised and ready for business. The man moved forward with extreme caution. There was no doubt he knew his business and had done this before. There was a hard glint in his eyes, which never stopped moving. He took in everything, watching for the slightest little thing out of place. This man was a predator, a hunter, a killer, and he had just plied his trade.
Whitie was the first he approached. Blood was staining through the heavy coat Whitie was wearing. The man’s grin was evil as he muttered. Orville never misses and it looks like he hit his target again, the fool always aimed for the heart and one of these days its goina get him killed, but not by this one, he’s dead. The tall man moved to check the one he had shot. When possible he would take a head shot and there was no reason to look any farther, the side of this ones head was soaked in blood. He’s dead too.


About the Author

H. D. Williams

H. D. Williams feels he was born a hundred and fifty years too late.

During his wandering years, he became an avid reader of westerns and a huge fan of Louis L’Amour. After retiring, H. D. turned to writing as a new hobby and over the last ten years, he has completed thirteen western novels; Whitie’s Gold is the first to be published. Williams currently lives in Fresno, California. You may visit the author on the Web at

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