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Join One Man’s Relentless Hunt

for the Truth behind His Heritage

Born into a devout Mormon family, Anthony T. Cluff grows up in the shadows of the cloistered bubble of Salt Lake City, Utah—a place where most people accepted the teachings of the Mormon church with little inquiry. But Cluff was different from the start. In Search of the Great White God is a soul-searching, unexpectedly humorous, and slightly cantankerous look at one man’s search for meaning. At its core, it attempts to answer the question, “What does it really mean to be a Mormon?” The answer, Cluff discovers, is anything but straightforward. With his remarkable gift of capturing the essence of competing arguments and theories, Cluff embarks on an empirical examination of the many accounts of The Book of Mormon’s origins. In the process, Cluff comes up with what promises be a groundbreaking—and controversial—theory of how the document came to be. Then a chance finding of a mural from the walls of an ancient city in Mexico threatens to undermine all of his findings. So, in one last-ditch effort to get at the truth, Cluff makes a pilgrimage to ancient Mayan ruins deep in the jungles of Mexico. There he encounters a Mexican guide named after a great warrior in The Book of Mormon, a scandalous group of French archeologists, and a mysterious stranger dressed as the legendary Mayan god, Quetzalcoatl. And it is there, atop the Great Pyramid of Coba, that he finally finds what he was looking for.


About the Author

Anthony T. Cluff

Anthony T. Cluff holds a Ph.D. in economics. He spent decades in politics and finance, in both the public and private sector. A history buff, he is the father of five and grandfather of 11. He lives with his wife and their dogs in Aldie, Virginia.