Good Medicine

A Return to Common Sense

by Carol L. Roberts, M.D.


Book Details

Attain a Healthier You-Naturally-With this Breakthrough and Doctor-Proven Guide

Filled with the latest thinking on traditional, holistic and alternative care, Good Medicine: A Return to Common Sense represents a sea change in approaching illness and attaining optimal health. This authoritative and easy-to-understand book from renowned Dr. Carol L. Roberts offers a new perspective on how human beings are put together, integrating the physical body and the spirit within. Comprehensive chapters on nutrition, digestion, toxins, heart health and even sex make it easy to customize your own wellness plan. You’ll learn:

• How to break the habit of foods that can literally kill you, and replace them with nutrient-rich superfoods (it’s easier than you think)

• Why your digestive system is the gateway to optimal health, and how to give it a preventive tune-up

• The man-made toxins that are causing millions to suffer from diseases like asthma and liver damage, and how to get them out of your life

• Secrets to boosting energy and sexual performance that don’t require an expensive prescription

• Straight talk on vitamins—what works, why, and how much you should (or shouldn’t) be taking

• Why spirituality is as important as traditional medicine, and how to implement the right balance in your own wellness goals

If you’re tired of being sick, tired of taking expensive drugs—or just plain tired—this book will show you how to shape your well being with proven, practical techniques.

“If you want to get healthy, and thrive until the end of your life, read this. Dr. Carol L. Roberts is the finest among a new breed of doctors that look at your body as a system, and not as a collection of symptoms. This book will heal your life.”

—Alberto Villoldo PhD

author of Shaman, Healer, Sage

“The majority of cancers and heart attacks can be prevented by good health habits and smart decisions about how we live our lives. If you rely on high-tech medicine and pharmaceuticals without attending to these common-sense measures, you are putting the cart before the horse. Dr. Carol L. Roberts’s GOOD MEDICINE is a valuable guide in keeping our health priorities straight.”

—Larry Dossey, MD



Book Excerpt

As we rocket further into the twenty-first century we have many choices to make. Not the least is how we structure our health care system. Right now we have an illness care system that makes the disease the enemy, the doctor the hero and the patient the battlefield. We would be better served by a patient friendly system of care that covers prevention and stops relying exclusively on high tech (and very expensive) rescue medicine. Right now 80% of our massive health expenditures are spent in the last two years of life! We could include education throughout the school years aimed at teaching kids the proper care and maintenance of their bodies. We could put some effort into upgrading the quality of our food supply, encouraging physical activity, the enjoyment of simple pleasures and the benefits of communing with the natural world. It would mean weaning ourselves from patent medicines, cleaning up our air, water, food and – perhaps most importantly – respecting the innate wisdom of the body itself. That would seem to be simple common sense, wouldn’t it?


About the Author

Carol L. Roberts, M.D.

CAROL L. ROBERTS, M.D., is the founder and medical director of Wellness Works in Brandon, Florida. She is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Texas Medical School, specializing in otolaryngology and emergency medicine. In 1994, she opened her private practice, Wellness Works, so that she could devote her career to the integration of conventional medicine with natural and holistic techniques. Visit her online at



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