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God called…and said, “Receive the anointing which you shall need for your mission.”It has been twenty-three years, and nothing has remained the same.

God’s End-Time Moves is as much about the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit as it is about the affirmation of His Truth and Word, both of which shall touch down everywhere on earth. This book is a work of the End-Time Prophetic Mission, to show in what direction the Lord God of All Creation will be leading the world and, even more so, the Church. God is set to show in every way that the world is not in place by accident, and the Spirit of God will appear to walk on two feet while still being solidly Spirit. In His mercy and grace, God always allows an adequate period of preparation so that no one will be caught unaware, except by personal choice. God’s End-Time Moves, therefore, is His wakeup call!


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The New Testament Church is now officially the End-Time Church

Does Iran plan to disarm soon? Does North Korea? The answer is no

Nigeria -- A Major Power Coming!


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Ida ZaraGrace Iyen-Aghedo

In a dramatic encounter that changed her life permanently, Prophet/Evangelist Ida ZaraGrace was called to ministry in August 1995, and has remained active to date. She is a prophet to the Church and to the nations. Born in Benin City, Nigeria, in November 1954, she is a graduate of English Language from the University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria. Now Ida ZaraGrace Iyen-Aghedo, ZaraGrace received her call to ministry as an active business woman, a cause which she has long abandoned for the greater Cause of God's glory, according to the instruction.



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