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What if Your Guardian Angel …Is a Criminal?

Like any other well-run institution, Heaven has a Welcome Center. That’s where souls get off the bus, wait for the Committee to review their lives and decide where they should ultimately end up. But Saint Peter, the guardian of the gate, is troubled by the number of souls arriving before their time: victims of violence, drug overdoses, suicide, and other unnatural causes of death. Luckily, Saint Peter’s new right-hand man, Willie, is ready to help him put a plan in place to slow down the influx of unfortunate souls. They enlist the help of a unique group of spirits: tough guys desperate for a second chance, who can change their own fate if they’re willing to go back to earth and fight fire with fire. After all, who knows more about the streets than a man who used to run them? If they succeed in their assignments, these “lost souls” will be given clemency and a free pass into Heaven. Colorful, entertaining, and hard-hitting, Gangster at Heaven’s Gate is the first book in a series that will keep you on the edge of your seat.