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From the Heart of a Mom - This is Joyce’s journey, through the eyes of a mother, as she navigated the uncharted waters of her daughter Leslie’s 11-year crossing from her earthly life to the eternal life for which she was born.

She was more confident and spirit filled at thirty-four years of age than I have ever dreamed of becoming. She was the mother’s dream of the perfect daughter. She was the female epitome of her Dad. I can only take a small amount of credit for the wonderful woman she became.


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Joyce Hall

Joyce Hall, wife, mother of two, grandmother of four, was born and has lived all her life in Central Georgia. She retired in 2008 from a medical consulting partnership and during her professional years, she traveled to most of the 50 states. In 2002 her life was turned upside down by her daughter’s diagnosis of breast cancer. Eleven years later, she buried her daughter, Leslie. Throughout those years, Joyce experienced peaks and valleys of emotion and faith. The writing of this book, taken from an account of the daily struggles and joys during those years, was not only a journey of resolve, but a test of confidence in the wisdom of God’s will for her life.