From Back da Green

Stories from the Heart

by Barbara Gathers


Book Details

The neighborhood of Back da Green, on the west side of Charleston, South Carolina, always has had a reputation as a bad area of town. But for most of its residents, including Barbara Gathers, who lived there much of her early life, it was a safe haven. "There was a tremendous cohesiveness in our neighborhood," she writes, "that only its residents understood and appreciated." And her origins there certainly did not hold her back. Through a bout with breast cancer and as the recipient of a heart transplant, she never let any obstacles hold her back. Her story will inspire others that with faith in God, they too can accomplish anything they desire.


About the Author

Barbara Gathers

Barbara Gathers earned a bachelor of science degree in sociology from North Carolina A & T State University in Greensboro, N.C. and a master's degree in social work, with a concentration in community organization and planning, from the University of South Carolina in Columbia, S.C. She worked as a teacher, a caseworker, an educational counselor and a planner, all before entering the Federal sector where she spent the bulk of her career as an Equal Employment Opportunity manager, fighting for the rights of all employees. Barbara has written a book of poetry entitled Dimension; owned and operated a successful gift shop called Unique Ideas; and is founder of the Women's Resource Project, Inc., a non-profit women's organization. She is also a licensed independent social worker and a certified mediator.