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Incorporating philosophy, psychology, religion, symbolism, and cultural beliefs, For You, With Love aims to bring themes embedded in our times and lives together. For You, With Love is a Christian woman’s personal account of her encounters with the supernatural and God, and the interpretations that she made about her experiences. Join her on her spiritual journey as she endeavors to connect the pieces. Fasten your seat belt though as For You, With Love will take on you on a roller coaster ride indeed. Enticed every step of the way, may you discover the path to what you have been searching for.


About the Author


As a confirmed Catholic awed by God’s mercy, grace, and abundant love, the author is a Christian woman with a Master’s Degree in Social Work who seeks only to serve God faithfully, humbly, and loyally to the best of her ability, and encourage others to create a more positive relationship with Jesus. She lives with her life partner and son in the Midwest.