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This book is a collections of poems written from my college years to 2008. They pertain to dealing with life's challenges, obstacles, and growing up. I am opeing myself to the world and I hope they can relate to my struggles and growth process.


Book Excerpt

Beauty Can you tell a lot about a person By just their beauty Can you tell what they like Or how they think Can you tell what life is to them By their sparkling eyes And flawless skin Do you know if they like midnight walks Do you know if they like sports Or even like it rough when making love But most of all Do you know who they really are And if they will love you back Because it can be a distraction To what really lies ahead So beware and keep guard Before it sucks you in.


About the Author

Fabiola Sully

I am from Long Island, NY but born in Brooklyn. I have been writing since I was seventeen. I came interested in poetry after taking a writing course in high school; and this continue on in my college years. currently I work full-time and write part-time. I started taking oart of poet slams and blogs to show some of my work. I would like to do poetry readings and perform in more shows. You can view sapmles of my work and blog on my myspace page, or on facebook under Fabiola Sully. Other than poetry, I am into movies, arts & theater, music and wants to travel more often. If you have any questions or comments, you can email me at