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A Captain in the Confederate Calvary and hero to the South Captain Robert Murray flees to South America rather than live under Yankee rule. He takes passage on a ship that takes him to Argentina where he hopes to start anew. Here he heads out into the wilds of Argentina the land of the pampas to live and fight among the Gauchos and fierce Indians of Argentina's wild untamed frontier.


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“Good evening “ rang out a voice. He could tell immediately from the accent that this was no local . It was a god damned Yankee. As he opened his eyes he could see there were three of them, but only the one who was talking had his gun out. He was loosely pointing his rifle in Murray’s direction. Even in this poor light Murray could see his rotting teeth and one milky discolored eye. He was of stocky build with military boots and a brown overcoat. The other two stood further back and were harder to see in the shadows except for their grinning teeth. The leader then spoke out again. “Me and the boys were thinking how come you have this fine horse, being a Johnny Reb and losing the war and all. Here we are the victors and we don’t have a pot to piss in. Don’t hardly seem right does it. So we figured we’d take the horse. You can look at it as sort of a tax for the North”. The other two started to chuckle as well. “You stay there and don’t move till we're gone and we’ll let your sorry ass live. But you so much as bat an eye, I’ll fill you with lead. You understand boy?” At that moment Murray squeezed the trigger, his sleeping bag exploded in a deafening boom as the 44 caliber lead ball sailed towards its target. It hit the man with the rifle, square in the chest with a deep thud. He went flying back from the impact of the bullet landing flat on his back. Next Murray trained the pistol on the next closest man who was reaching for the gun in his belt. He no sooner got his fingers around the grip when Murray's gun roared to life again. This time the bullet made a neat hole in the center of the second thief’s forehead. His eyes rolled back as if they were trying to see where the bullet went. The third man was fumbling for his gun in a blind panic when Murray’s third shot exploded into his groin. The man screamed out in agony. His screaming reminded Murray of the screaming the pigs made when the farmers castrated them. Murray got up and walked over to the man who was groin shot. He Leveled his gun at his head then squeezed the trigger, putting the man out of his misery. Next he walked over to the leader who had done all the talking. The chest wound bubbled with blood with a slight gurgling sound. The man’s hazy gaze stared off in the distance as his life slowly slipped away. “ I never met a Yankee I couldn’t take and especially a damn stupid one” Murray mumbled.


About the Author

Robert Fetner

Mr. Fetner lived in Puerto Rico, St. Croix, Panama and Venezuela. American by birth he also speaks Spanish fluently. Over the years he's had a variety of businesses and jobs. Some more interesting than others. A Detective in Miami Vice in the 80's, an instructor for G.Gordon Liddy, a Gun salesman, an International Security Consultant to name a few. Now he enjoys writing fast paced action novels. Currently he resides in South Florida.