Fatherless Sons

The Cry of Our Fatherless Generation

by Demetrius Zeigler


Book Details

The Lives of Fatherless Sons

Fatherless Sons is a poignant collection of stories told by a group of men who grew up without fathers in their lives. They all have a different story, but the theme is the same—a boy without a father. You will learn how each of these men, who were hurt badly by the absence of fathers in their lives, learned to grow into the men they are today. As their stories are all different, so are the outcomes. Some of them were successful and some were not. The moral of this story is that no child should ever be deprived of having both parents in his/her life. But both parents have to be the best parent they can be to their children. Every child deserves the best.


About the Author

Demetrius Zeigler

Demetrius Zeigler, the composer of this book, is a fatherless son himself. Through his desire to bring his story to others in the same situation, he has found a way to forgive his own father for not being there in his life, and he has realized that the people who remained there for him are truly the people who are worth his love and gratitude—for they made his fatherless life complete!